HRG Activities

The HRG Foundation undertakes activities in the areas of:

Education Environment Health

HRG Charitable Foundation, an independent Trust, which administers the social development initiatives of the HRG Group is chaired by Mr.Gurudatt.

Every year, the Foundation in consultation with plant managements and CSR teams at the plants,finalises set of activities that get built into the business plan. The Foundation lays emphasis on maintaining a continuum of social development thinking into the conduct of these activities.


The Foundation endeavour is to sensitize the need for education among regular , poor and contract employees' children by establishing schools at the Company's vicinity. At the same time ensuring that we create an exciting and attractive learning process for the children in the surrounding village schools.

Tailoring centre:

Our HRG charitable trust didn't stop yet. We stepped into vocational training programmes for the needy and as part of it we started Tailoring centre to train the women in tailoring, and ironing etc. to enable them to earn their livelihood. More than 100 women are getting trained here and tailoring material is supplied at free of cost from trust. Nearly 700 women are getting trained every year periodically.

Computer Training Centre:

Computer Training centre is also started for the children and working women who need computer knowledge. 5 computers are installed in each centre with hardware and software instructors. Training will be given in computer basics such as hardware management, minor programmes apart from games, internet and entertainment.



One of the key focus areas of the Trust is environment conservation. The environment we live in has a specific ecosystem; when habitats are destroyed, biodiversity is lost, natural resources are depleted. This is caused primarily by human processes.

Pollution is happening all over the word. Hazardous waste discharge has become a serious threat. Smog, poor air quality is all due to this. Air pollution has an adverse effect on the ozone layer.

These factors need very serious attention today. If not solved they may lead us towards various unending questions. Will man senselessly destroy the ecosystems that support life on this planet? Will he be able to maintain a sustainable earth and eventually build a new humanity?

Over 10000 saplings have been planted inside the plant till October 2012.It is proposed to have plantation in more than 35% of the total.

Responsibility for the environment is central to our approach to sustainable development. We are committed to tackle environmental issues with respect to lessen air, water and noise pollution.

To help reduce soil erosion and related water pollution, we make an effort to contain all runoff within our mines' lease area with only clear water discharged. To help achieve this aim, we have constructed gully plugs and check bunds across streams flowing throughout them.

We plant two trees for every single metric ton of ore we mine out. The compensatory Afforestation Land Plan allows us to plant twice the land of trees for every One htc land we mine out!

We regularly monitor noise levels using decibel meters at pre-determined locations in our operations areas. We cover crushers and screens to help reduce decibel levels. Our heavy machinery and dumpers operating in our mines satisfy Euro II standard noise-level requirements.

We follow Geo-Tech plantation, which plays a pivotal role in urban renaissance by providing a complementary green matrix of spaces that offer multi-level benefits in the mined areas.

We also follow Green infrastructure, providing natural resource sinks to assist urban climate control, water management and provide important green networks in the mining areas.

HRG encourage sustainable communities and landscape management, planned within urban environments, to promote increased human integration, ecological sustainability and economic regeneration.



Foundation running the hospital for regular general health check-ups. It also conducts specialized healthcare for the elderly by conducting cataract screening and performing free surgeries. This apart, it holds routine STI/RTI check-up camps to identify potential HIV cases to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS cases at the same time enhancing rural awareness of the dreaded scourge.

HIV / Aids and Children in India

HRG Foundation For Children - HIV / Aids Out Reach Support Programme

Our aim is to provide support for an HIV/Aids Centre which currently cares for 20 children.